Denise Pike | Public Historian


Denise Pike is a public historian born and raised in the Twin Cities. Throughout her work and studies she has been dedicated to linking inequalities in our present day with evidence of historical injustice. Her research interests and past work include the intersection of data, mapping, race, power, and urban history to address today’s racial disparities in the Twin Cities. Denise holds a Master’s in Heritage Studies and Public History and a Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota. Denise is a co-curator of the award-winning exhibit Owning Up: Racism and Housing in Minneapolis. Denise is currently Head Instructor for a real estate continuing education course titled Racism & Real Estate hosted through RETHOS: Places Reimagined, and is a Co-Project Lead of A Public History of 35W, a community collaborative project illuminating the effects of freeway construction on the South Minneapolis community.

Current Projects

Project Co-Lead

A Public History of 35W

Tech & Design Coordinator

Black Midwest Initiative